The A-Z of DuckTales

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All you need to know about DuckTales


A Drain in the Economy - 3rd Nov 1987

A Whale of a Bad Time - 4th Nov 1987

Abominable Snowwomen - appears in "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan". The Aboninable Snowwomen is a beats from the snowy mountains, who turns out to be very friendly and takes a shine to Launchpad

Admirral Grimmace - Donald Duck's Admirral on his Ship/Boat

Aladdin - Appears in episode "Masters of Djinni

Alan Young - Voice of Scrooge McDuck

Alan Zasgrove - Director and Prodcuer

All Ducks On Deck - 10th Dec 1987

Allowance Day - 4th April 1989

Aphroducki - Greek Godess apeears in epsidoe "Duck Tales VAlentines

Archibald Quackerbill - Appears in episode "Merit-Time Adventure

Ariel - Appears in episode "Home Sweet Homer"

Armstrong - Syndicated 24th September 1987

Aquatraz - the famous jail surrounded by water, where Scrooge is sentanced to 15 years in jail, after Glomgold sets him up

Aqua Ducks - 5th Nov 1987

Atlantis, Lost City of - In "Aqua Ducks", Scrooge come across the Lost City

Attack of the 50-Foot Webby - 24th April 1989

Attack of the Metal Mites - 4th Sept 1990

Back out in the Outback - 13th Nov 1987

Baggle Beagle - One of the Beagle Boys

Banana Island - Island in which the Pearl of Wisdom is located

Beagle Boys, the - The Beagle Boys time and time again break out of jail and try to steal Scrooge's money

Beakly, Mrs - Mrs. Beakley is Scrooge's nanny she looks atfer Huey, Dewey and Louie and her own grandaughter Webby at McDuck Mansion

Beagle Babes - Appear in "The Good Muddahs", they are the Beagle Boys cousins

Beaglemania - 18th April 1989

Bebop Beagle - Yet another Beagle

Bermuda Triangle Tangle - 27th Oct 1987

Bernaise Beagle - One of the Blood Beagle

Benzino Gasolini - Appears in episode "Hotel Strangeduck"

Bubbeo and Juilet - 5th April 1989

Bonapante Beagle - Another Beagle

Bouncer Beagle - Another Beagle Boy

Bicep Beagle - One of the Blood Beagles

Big Flub, the - 13th April 1989

Big-Time Beagle - One of the Beagle Boys

Blue Collar Scrooge - 17th April 1989

Brian Cummings - Voice of Doofus Drake and Bebop Beagle

Bride Wore Stripes, the - 20th April 1989

Blood Beagle Boys - Another group of Beagles

Brad LAndreth - Art Direction

Bruno Von-Beak - Secret agent in episode "Double-O-Ducks"

Brushbill, Phillip - the greatest door-to-door salesman in Duckburg

Bubba's Big  Brainstorms - 12th April 1989

Bubba Duck - Scrooge and his nephews travel a millions years back in time, on leaving after their travels Bubba boards the plane with his dino friend tootsie and are transported to Duckburg in Scrooge's time

Burger Beagle - one of the Beagle Boys

Carl Banks - Created the Duck Tales in his earlier comic book series

Captain Blackheart - Appears in episode "Time Teaser"

Captain Foghorn - Appears in Episode "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"

Case of Mistaken Secret Adentity, A - 14th April 1989

Castle McDuck - Situated in Scotland, castle McDuck was home to the McDuck clang in the early 1900's, but after srange goings on, The McDucks flee

Cinnamon Teal - Appears in epsiode "Spies in their Eyes"

Circe - Circe is an evil socceress that appears in epsidoe "Home Sweet Homer"

Coery Burton - Voice of Ludwig Von Drake

Count of Montedumas, the - In episode "Duck in the Iron Mask", the Count of Montedumas invest in one of Scrooge McDuck's projects

Curse of Castle McDuck, the - 19th Oct 1987

Cylus McDuck - Scrooge McDuck's Grandfather

Back to the Klondike - 29th Oct 1987

David Block - Director

Dijon - Merlocks assistant in Treasure of the Lost Lamp, he acts as Scrooge's guide whilst helping Merlock

Dime Enough for Luck - 28th Nov 1987

Dinosaur Ducks - 7th Oct 1987
Disney's Duck Tales - Game for the Ninendo Entertainment System (NES) and Nintendo Game Boy

Disney's Duck Tales 2 - Second game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Nintendo Game Boy

Disney's Duck Tales: Quest for Gold - Game released for PC-CDROM

Gladstone Gander - appears in episode "Dime Enough For Luck"

Duck To The Future - 25 Nov 1987

Duck in the Iron Mask, the - 29th Nov 1987

Duck Tales Valentine, A - 11 February 1990 Special

Duck Who Knew Too Much, the - 5th Sept 1990

Duckworth - Duckworth is Scrooge McDucks butler, he drives Scrooge around Duckburg and keeps an eye on McDuck mansion

Duckworth's Revolt - 21st Nov 1987

Duchess of Swansylvania - Appears in episode "Dinosaur Ducks", Scrooge and his nephews find the Lost World and run into the Duchess of Swansylvania

Duckburg - locaetd in Calisota, Florida. Duckburg is Scrooge's hometown

Duckburg Mallards - The local Duckburg baseball team

Duckburg Studios - Scrooge becomes the owner of the studios after the previous owner fails to come up with the cash he owes to Scrooge. In return he gievs offers him `Duckburg Studios

Duckman of Aquatraz - 2nd Oct 1987

Ducky Horror Picture Show - 11th Dec 1987

Ducky Mountain High - 3rd Sept 1990

Ducks of the West - 11th Nov 1987

Doofus Drake - Doofus is a Huey, Dewey and Louie's Friend and fellow Junior Woodchuck, he joins them on a few adventures and appears as SUPERDOO in the episode with the same title

Donald Duck - The most famous Duck there ever was, Donald leaves him nephews with Scrooge McDuck after he is recuited by the navy, Donald appears ina few of the episode

Double-O-Duck - 19th Nov 1987

Dough Ray Me - 11th April 1989

Down and Out in Duckburg - 13th Oct 1987

Duke Duggan - Appears in episode "Back out in the Outback"

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck - 5th Dec 1987

Earthquack - 23rd Oct 1987

Employer's Club - Scrooge is a member of this posh-persons's club.

Ensign Pluver - Appesr in episode "All Ducks on Deck"

Feathers Galore - Appears in episode "Double-O-Ducks"

Fenton Crackshell - Goofy Fenton is hires as Scrooge's accountant, who stumbles opon a power suit created by Gyro Gearloose, turning him into Gizoduck

First Dime - Scrooge McDuck got his first dime after polishing a man's shoe at Barbershop

Flintheart Glomgold - Flintheart is Scrooge's oldest rival, the two often battle out for certain riches all over the world. Glomgold is often assisted by the Beagle Boys as they help; him attepmt to steal Scrooge's money

Frank Welker - Vocie of Bubba Duck, Big-Time Beagle, Baggy Beagle and the Phantom Blot

Fred Wolf - Director

Friendish Organisation for World Larceny (FAOL) - Organisation of secret agents in episode "Double-O-Ducks"

Fountain of Youth - Appears in "Sweet Duck of Youth", The fountain's water once consumed guarantees that person youth forever

Geenie - The Geenie who appears in Treaure of the Lost Lamp, has been inside the lamp for a thousend years making merlocks evil wishes

Genghis Khan - from episode "Lost Crown of Genghis Khan", Area of Mountains, also known as "Shadow Pass". That has hidden treasures lost long ago, after a Abominable Snowwomen appears and frights off passers-by, who flee leaving there treasure behind

Gizoduck -  see Fenton Crackshell

Glittering Goldie - As Scrooge calls her his "True Love", Scrooge and Glittering Goldie were once an item after Scrooge fell head over heals for her after meeting her in a bar in the KLONDIKE. Scrooge and Goldie became went into business togther as partners, but after Scrooge's money went missing he blamed Goldie and left town, later to return for a emotional last visit

Grand Kishki - Appears in episode "Working for Scales"

Great Masher - Type of Large Mable Huey, Dewey and Louie all use when competing in a marble contest in "Pearl of Wisdom"

Good Muddahs, the - 6t hApril 1989

Golden Fleecing, the - 10t hNov 1987

Golden Goose, the - Part One 10th Sept 1990

Godlen Goose, the - Part Two 11th Sept 1990

Gyro Gearloose - Gyro works for Scrooge, i guess you called call him Scrooge's invventor, but Gyro often get Scrooge and his newphews into trouble with his inventions

Hal Smith - Vocie of Gyro Gearloose and Flintheart Glomgold

Hamilton Camp - Voice of Fento Crackshell and Gizmoduck

Hero for Hire - 8t hoct 1987

Home Sweet Homer - 24th Oct 1987

Horse Scents - 30th Oct 1987

Hotel Strangeduck - Scrooge buys an old castle and turns it into a hotel. But guests at the hotel appear to by very Strange

Hotel Strangeduck - 30th Sept 1987

Ithaquack - Located in Greece, Ithaquack was the city which appeared in epsidoe "Home Sweet Homer"

Interesting Facts: 1. Duck Tales was Disney's first daily animaetd series for T.V
     2. Magica de Spell made her T.V debut in Epside "Send in the Clones"

Jack the Tripper - Appears in episode "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck", who really is Professor Moody Doody

Jean-Marc Lofficier - Writer

Joan Gerber - Voice of Mrs. Beakly and Goldie

June Foray - Voice of Mrs. Featherby, Ma Beagle and Magica de Spell

Jungle Duck - 26th Nov 1987

Junior Woodchuck Guidebook - Carried by Scrooge's nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. The nephews often refer to the book when there are in need`

Kathleen Freeman - Voice of Mrs. Crackshell

King Homer - Appears in episode "Home Sweet Homer", King Homer can't stop sneezing, beacuse of the fruit that surrounds his cave home

Klondike - In episode "Back to the Klondike" Scrooge returns to the place where he first met Glittering Goldie, KLONDIKE

Land of Tra - La - La, the - 3rd April 1989

Launchpad McQuack - Launchpad is Scrooge McDuck's Pilot, is you can cal him that, Lanchpad nealry always crash-lands

Launchpad's First Crash - 27th Nov 1987

Launchpad's Civil War - 20 Oct 1987

Lost Arrows of Cupid - Episode "Duck Tales Valentines", the Lost Arrows of Cupid appear

Lost City of Atlantis - see Atlantis, Lost City of

Lost City of Diamonds - Launchpad has his first crash and lands in the City of Diamonds

Lost Crown of Genghis Khan, the - 1st Oct 1987

Lost World, the - Scrooge comes across the Lost World, in  episode "Dinosaur Ducks"

Luck o' the Ducks - 20th Nov 1987

Lucky - Lucky (the lemming) appears in epsiode "Scrooge's Pet". Lucky steals scrooge's locket and ends up on the other side of the world with Scrooge in pursuit

Lucky Dime - Scrooge's first dime, which he considers lucky as it was his first dime of his large fortune

Lucky Doughnut - In episode "Superdoo", Doofus finds a magic CHain with a large ring on it, which gives him magic powers

Ma Beagle - The mother of the Beagle Boys

M'Ma Crackshell - Fenton Crackshell's Mother

Mad Dog - appears in episode "Duckman of Aquatraz". Mad Dog has been sentanced to serve time in Aquatraz for commiting a crime he didnt commit, Scrooge shares as ceil with Mad Dog, before Mad Dog helps Scrooge escape

Magica de Spell - Magica is a socceress who like glomgold tries to steal Scrooge's possessions, but Magica tries to steal the Scrooge's most valued possession, his LUCKY DIME

Magica's Magic Mirror - 22nd Nov 1987

Magic Harp - Magical Harp appears in episode "Raiders of the Lost Harp"

Maid of Myth - 12th Oct 1987

Magica's Shadow War - 28th Sept 1987

Major Courage - Major Courage appears in episode "Where No DUck Has Gone Before" as the lead of one of shows at Duckburg Studios

Mark Mueller - Created the Duck Tales Theme Song

Maryweather - Appears in episode "Horse Scents"

Masked Mallard, the - 25th April 1989

Master of Djinni - 29th Sept 1987

McDuck Mansion - Scrooge's home in Duckburg, residents include Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Duckworth and Mrs. Beakly, and later in the series 3 and 4 Bubba and Tootsie

Metal Attraction - 10th April 1989

Merit Badge Earning Contest - Contest in which the Junior Woodchucks try and earn Merit Badges byimproving certain skills, in "Superdoo", Doofus uses his magic powers to earn all Merit Badegs by cheating

Merit-Time Adventure - 7th Nov 1987

Merlock - voice by Back to the Futures's Christopher Lloyd. Merlock is the evil soccerer that follows Scrooge on this trail of the Treasure of the Lost Lamp, in Duck Tales: The Movie

Michael Keyes - Writers

Microducks from Outer Ducks - 28th Oct 1987

Millionara Vanderbucks - Appears in episode "Nephews Do Us Part"

Miriam Flynn - Gandra Dee

Money Bin - Scrooge keeps all his money in a tall building which he calls the "Money Bin"

Money Vanishes - 5th Oct 1987

Much Ado About Scrooge - 14th Oct 1987

New Gizo Kids on the Block - 6th Sept 1990

My Mother, the Psychic - 7th April 1989

Nordic Village - In "Maid of Myth" Scrooge and his nephews travel to Norway, to a village to save Mrs. Beakly

Northing To Fear - 4th Dec 1987

Oliver Miner - Production Manager

Once Apon A Dime - 6th Dec 1987

Overlord Bulovan - Leader of a group of aliens in epsidode "Where No Duck Has Gone Before"

Pearl of Wisdom - Pearl in which owner possesses mystical powers of wisdom, The Pearl appears in episode "Pearl of Wisdom"

Pearl of Wisdom, the - 16th Oct 1987

Peter Cullen - Voice of Kankjob Beagle and Admirral Grimmance

Phantom Blat - Appears in episode "All Ducks on Decks", Phantom Blat is a famous Mikey Mouse villian

Prince Grey Drake aka Tarzan - Appears in episode "Jungle Ducks"

Professor Ludwig Von Drake - Appears in episode "Golden Fleece"

Quest for Gold - see Disney's Duck Tales: Quest for Gold

Raiders of the Lost Harp - 14th Nov 1987

Randy Lofficier - Writer

Rick Hinson - Sound Editor

Right Duck, the - 15th Nov 1987

Rob Paulsen - Vocie of Gladstone Gander

Robert Robbers - 25th Septemebr 1987

Ron Jones - Original Music

Russi Taylor - Vocie of Huey, DFewy, Louie and Webbigail

Scrooge McDuck - Uncle Scrooge to Hewey, Dewey and Louie, Scrooge looks after his newphws whilst their UNCLE DONALD is overseas with the NAVY

Scrooge's Last Adventure - 7th Sept 1990

Scrooge's Pet - 31st Oct 1987

Scrogerello - 18t hNov 1987

Send in the Clones - Syndicated 21st September 1987

Shetlock Jones - Appears in episode "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck"

Sir, Gyro Gearloose - In epsidoe "Sir Gyro Gearloose", Gyro ends being knighted after travelling to the times of the round table

Sir Gyro Gearloose - 6th Oct 1987

Sphinx for the Memories - Syndicated 22nd September 1987

Spies in Theirs Eyes - 9th Dec 1987

Status Seeker, the - 3rd Dec 1987

Superdoo! - 9th Oct 1987

Super Duck Tales - 26th March 1989 - 5 part sereis

Sweet Duck of Youth - 21st Oct 1987

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - 22nd Nov 1987

Terry-Fermies - Small round creatures that appear in "Earthquack", causing earthquakes in Duckburg

Terrance McGovern - Voice of Launchpad and Baby Face Beagle

Til Nephews Do Us Part - 12th Dec 1987

Time Is Money - 5 part series 25th Nov 1988

Time Teasers - 12th Nov 1987

Top Duck - 15th Oct 1987

Thor - Appears in episode "Maid of Myth", who is one of the locals that takes Mrs. Beakly hostage

Tony Anselmo - Voice of Donald Duck

Treasure of the Golden Suns - This was the first Duck Tales episode aired, first syndicated on the 18th September 1987, this long-running episdode was later split into 5 segments, "Don't Give Up The Ship", "Wrongway In Ronguay", "Three Ducks Of The Condor", "Cold Ducks" and "Too Much Of A Good Thing". Huey, Dewey and Louie are sent to live with Uncle Scrooge when Donald decides to join the navy. THe Beagle Boy's have been released from jail and steal a map in the form of small boat from Huey, Dewey and Louie, who have no idea wot they have. The Beagle's give the boat to L.Capatain who searches for the Valley of the Golden Sun, where the treasure lies. Scrooge catches up with L.Capatain and they duel for the map, but eventually the whole valley ends up getting buried by a liqiud gold volcanic eruption

Treasure of the Lost Lamp - This was the title for the Duck Tales theatrical debut released onn the 3rd of August 1990, in the film Scrooge McDuck along with his ever present nephews fly off to Egypt on search of the lost treasure of Coli Babba, but Scrooge is not alone on his conquest the evil Merlock is hot in pursuit of his trail

Tootsie - Bubba and Tootsie are brought from their time to Duckburg in epsidoe "Marking Time"

Troy, Ancient City of - Ancient City in episode "Raiders of the Lost Harp"

Uncrassable Hindentanic, the - 2nd Dec 1987

Unbreakable Bin, the - 21st April 1989

Walt Disney - The man that mad Duck Tales possible, the fonder of Disney

Weasel - Appears in episode "Back out in the Outback"

Webbigail Vanderquack - Grandaughter of Mrs. Beakley, Webby stays with Scrooge and his Nephews

Webra Walter - TV Interviewer from episode "Send In The Clones"

Where No Duck Has Gone Before - 23rd September 1987

Will Ryan - Voice of Black Pete

William Drakespere - Author in which Scrooge comes acroos some of his books, one including a letter signed by Willy D

Working for Scales - 6th Nov 1987

Vegidonia - Planet the aliens in episode "Duckworth's Revolt" come from

Victor Luzer - Appears in episode "Spies in their Eyes"

Yuckalinda - Monster that lives in the seas in episode "Home Sweet Homer"

Yuppy Ducks - 19th April 1989







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