DuckTales Episodes

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Season One

 1 Treasure of the Golden Suns (Later split into five single episodes)
 2  Send In The Clones
 3  Sphinx For The Memories
 4  Where No Duck Has Gone Before
 5  Armstrong
 6  Robot Robbers
 7  Magica's Shadow War
 8  Master Of Djinni
 9  Hotel Strangeduck
10  The Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan
11  Duckman Of Aquatraz 
12  The Money Vanishes
13  Sir Gyro de Gearloose
14  Dinosaur Ducks
15  Hero For Hire
16  Superdoo!
17  Maid Of The Myth
18  Down And Out In Duckburg
19  Much Ado About Scrooge
20  Top Duck
21  The Pearl Of Wisdom
22  The Curse Of Castle McDuck
23  Launchpad's Civil War
24  Sweet Duck of Youth
25  Earthquack
26  Home Sweet Homer
27  Bermuda Triangle Tangle
28  Microducks From Outer Space
29  Back To The Klondike
30  Horse Scents
31  Scrooge's Pet
32  A Drain In The Economy
33  A Whale Of A Bad Time
34  Aqua Ducks
35  Working For Scales
36  Merit-Time Adventure
37  The Golden Fleecing
38  Ducks Of The West
39  Time Teasers
40  Back In The Outback
41  Raiders Of The Lost Harp
42  The Right Duck
43  Scroogerello
44  Double-O-Duck
45  Luck o' the Ducks
46  Duckworth's Revolt
47  Magica's Magic Mirror/Take Me Out Of The Ballgame (Two stories in one episode)
48  Duck To The Future
49  Jungle Duck
50  Launchpad's First Crash
51  Dime Enough For Luck
52  The Duck In The Iron Mask
53  The Uncrashable Hindentanic
54  The Status Seeker
55  Nothing To Fear
56  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck
57  Once Upon A Dime
58  Spies In There Eyes
59  All Ducks On Deck
60  Ducky Horror Picture Show
61  'Till Nephews Do Us Part

Season Two

62  Time Is Money (Later split into five episodes)
63  Super DuckTales (Later split into five episodes)
64  The Land Of Tra-La-La
65  Allowance Day 
66  Bubbeo and Juliet
67  The Good Muddahs
68  My Mother, The Psychic
69  Metal Attraction
70  Dough Ray Me
71  Bubba's Big Brainstorm
72  The Big Flub
73  A Case Of Mistaken Secret Identity
74  Blue Collar Scrooge 
75  Beaglemania
76  Yuppy Ducks
77  The Bride Wore Stripes 
78  The Unbreakable Bin
79  Attack Of The 50-Foot Webby
80  The Masked Mallard
81  A DuckTales Valentine
82  Ducky Mountain High
83  Attack Of The Metalmites
84  The Duck Who Knew Too Much
85  New Gizmo Kids On The Block
86  Scrooge's Last Adventure
87  The Golden Goose (Later split into two episodes)

The total episode number after each special had been split for syndication is 100 episodes.