Treasure of the Lost Lamp

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DuckTales the Movie: Trease of the Lost Lamp was released to cinemas in 1990. The animated feature film is based on the series. It was the first Disney animated film to be produced by the Walt Disney Television Animation under the banner of Disney MovieToons and animated by Walt Disney Animation France.

The plot involves Scrooge McDuck travelling to the middle east to inspect a recently discovered treasure chest he is certain contains the treasure of the great thief Collie Babba, accopanied by Huey, Dewey and Louie, Webby and Lauchpad McQuack. Although intially disappointed the chest contains no treasure, Scrooge is excited when an ancient treasure map is found in the pocket of an old robe. The cast of the TV series return with Christopher Lloyd casted as the magician Merlock.

While the film earned 18 million domestically and made its budget back, it was not the financial success Disney was hoping for and therefor plans for further DuckTales movies were cancelled.

The film was released to home video on 15th March 1991, laserdisc on 26th April 1991 and DVD in 2014.

Film Details

Release Date: August 3, 1990
Runtime: 74 minutes
Rating: G
Alan Young - Scrooge McDuck
Russi Taylor - Huey/Dewey/Louie/Webby
Christopher Lloyd - Merlock
Richard Libertini - Dijon
Rip Taylor - Genie
Terence McGovern - Launchpad McQuack
Joan Gerber - Ms. Beakly
Chuck McCann - Duckworth
June Foray - Mrs. Featherby

Notes about the Film and Quotes

This movie was animated by Walt Disney Animation of France.

In one scene we get a full shot of Duckburg. From the picture St. Canard, the hometown of Darkwing Duck can be seen. That must be why Lunchpad is alson in Darkwing Duck.

At the begining of the movie it says made by Disney Movietoons. Does any one know what Movietoons is?

A "Zummi Gummi" doll (From the Gummi Bears) is seen during the toys coming to life segment. It is illegal for a cartoon to advertise thier own toys and products in the United States. It seems the Disney crew forgot about this rule.

After Scrouge McDuck sees that Dijon's symbol is on the moneybin he is arrested and drives away. Durring the shoot when he drives away, we see his sybol on a bank in the distance.

Scrooge: Launchpad! Look what you did to these ancient ruins!
Launchpad: Could have been worse. It could have been something new.

Scrooge: Nothing but old robes! 40 years of searching, and all I end up with is Collie Baba's dirty laundry!

Huey: I don't see anything, Uncle Scrooge.
Dewey: Not even a mirage.
Launchpad: Maybe we made a wrong turn at that last sand dune.

Huey: Do you think we'll see a mummy?
Dijon: That reminds me, my mummy's expecting me. It's time for my nap.

Dijon: Is there a doctor in the pyramid?

Louie: Where are you going to keep all this treasure, Uncle Scrooge?
Scrooge: I won't keep it all, Louie. Most of these artifacts will go to museums.
Louie: That doesn't sound like Uncle Scrooge.
Scrooge: That way, I could enjoy a healthy tax break!
Huey: THAT does!

Launchpad: Forward Ho! [crashes] Reverse Ho!
Scrooge: If you don't stop crashing, I'll give you the Heave Ho!

Dewey: What a ride!
Louie: Yeah! I wouldn't mind doing it again now that I know that you can live through it!

Merlock: [referring to the giant scorpions] Their sting will seem like a tickle compared to mine!

Scrooge: I'm going home.
Mrs. Featherby: But what about your lunch?
Scrooge: Sell it!

Genie: Finally room to stretch! My foot's been asleep for six centuries.

Huey: What about our wishes?
Genie: Wishes? Do I look like a birthday cake?

Huey: I guess one of us should wish for peace and happiness all over the world.
Genie: Hey, these are wishes, not miracles!

Genie: Put me in a dog house! A mad house! Even a house of pancakes! Anywhere but the lamp!

Louie: What should we wish for next?
Huey: How about a giant tug boat?
Genie: Oh sure. You want that with or without an ocean.
Huey: A little much, huh?
Genie: Well, just a tad.

Webby: Genie, you're going to love playing Tea Party.
Genie: I know. I read all about it. Can I be the guy who dresses like an Indian and throws the tea off the boat?
Webby: No! No, no, no, silly! Not a Boston Tea Party!

Genie: You call these "party animals"? They're lifeless!

Scrooge: I could wish for the world's biggest diamond! No, the entire diamond mine! No, no, ALL the diamond mines! No, the entire mining industry!...I can see why this can take some careful thought.

Scrooge: [putting the genie in a little plant] You can watch the ball from here. Otherwise, you go back in the lamp!
Genie: But what if I win the door prize?

Genie: What's more important? Your fortune or your life?
Scrooge: Well...
Genie: Hey, this isn't exactly a trick question!

Dijon: Everything smells delicious when you're rich! [smells his cape] Even me!

Launchpad: I've got the bin at 12:00 high, Mr. McD...give or take 10 minutes.

Dijon: Whoever said, "Money cannot buy peace of mind," must have had the brains of a garbanzo bean.

Genie: [after being transformed into a real boy] How can I ever thank you, Master?
Scrooge: I'm not your master anymore.
Genie: That's it. Can I call you, "Uncle Scrooge"?
Scrooge: You're a sweet kid, but don't press your luck.

# How can moths survive being locked in a treasure box?
# It could not be possible for those guys to dig up that pyramid in one day. It would have taken them several days, maybe even months.
# The lamp was not seen at the first couple of glances at the treasure when Scrooge and the gang found it, neither was that crown that Scrooge found.
# Where did that chocolate landing pad come from? (The one that the ice cream sundae landed on)
# How did the boys manage to have an extra set of pajamas for Genie?
# During the bed scene pay attention to Huey's shirt. In one scene, it's a different shade of red.
# When Scrooge leaves to go to the ball, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby are chasing after him begging to let the Genie stay, but why are Mrs. Beakley and Duckworth following them?
# Since when is Dijon obsessed over kitchenware?
# When Scrooge realizes that Dijon has stolen the Genie from him, Dijon says, "Good Morning, Scrooge, sir." Is it supposed to be after midnight at this time?
# How did Dijon get to Scrooge's vault that quickly?
# Okay, this bugs me, the fact that Scrooge is in the prison cell all alone. He should really have a cellmate (at least I didn't see one).
# When Scrooge's family came to visit him in prison, the piggy bank that Webby had just suddenly appeared in her hands, and then later, it just disappeared out of thin air!
# While Scrooge's bin was being transformed, there was an alarm going off in the room the boys and Webby were in. Didn't they shut off all the alarms?
# When the genie gets transformed into a boy, he grows up a few inches. Was that intended?
# How come the torch in the pyarimid (spelt wrong!) didn't turn to dust? It had only been there for HOW many centruies?
# When Scrooge realizes that Dijon has stolen the Genie from him, Dijon says, "Good Morning, Scrooge, sir." Is it supposed to be after midnight at this time?