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DuckTales videos games on the NES

DuckTales Video Game 

DuckTales is a video games based on the Disney animated show. If was originally released in the United States for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom in September 1990 and in Europe in December that year. In the game, you control Scrooge McDuck who travels around the world in search of lost treasures so he can become the world's richest duck. The game was later released to the Game Boy. The game was praised for its soundtrack and game play and was deemed a success.

DuckTales 2

In April 1993 Capcom released DuckTales 2, a sequel to the first game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game plays like the original release in which you lead Scrooge on his search for Fergus McDuck's lost treasure. The game takes you around the globe to places like Bermuda, Scotland and Eygpt. DuckTales 2 was not as successful as the first game, mainly due to to the timing it was released, Consumers were awaiting the launch of Nintendo's next home console, the Super Nintendo. A port for the Game Boy was also released and sales for the handheld were much stronger.

DuckTales Remastered

On March 22, 2013, Capcom announced at PAX East 2013 that a high-definition remake of the game, DuckTales: Remastered, was being developed by WayForward Technologies. Many of the original game's levels are featured, along with new areas added for the remake and new boss patterns.[16] The game will feature a 2.5D presentation, with hand-drawn 2D character sprites mixed with 3D-modeled levels, as well as official Disney voice actors for the characters, including some of the original cast of the animated series, such as Alan Young as Scrooge.[17][18] The game also features new story elements which explain some of the motives and reasoning behind each level, such as how Scrooge is able to breathe on the Moon.[18] The game will be released for PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 in Summer 201