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28th June 2018 - Keep upto date with all things DuckTales on Twitter

7th May 2013 - More details have been announced for the forthcoming DuckTales remastered. Alan Young and others have provided their voices to the original characters. DuckTales is a high definition version remake of the original NES classic. Many of the original game's levels are featured, along with new areas added for the remake and new boss patterns. View trailer

22nd March 2013 -
Capcom have announced that a HD Remastered version of the classic NES game DuckTales will be released for Xbox Live, PSN and the Wii U for this summer!! click here to read more

15 January 2013 -
Disney DVD have released DuckTales Volumes Two and Three in the UK. Both sets are identical to the US Releases. Check out The DVD page for details on their contents.

25th Febuary 2011
- Hot off the press is the announcement of another Boom Kids release. After Chip n' Dales Rescue Rangers was revived and a two story arc of Uncle Scrooge featuring the characters of DuckTales were released, Boom have announced DuckTales is to recieve a revive! Check out their website

13th October 2010 - Anyone have a spare copy of Uncle Scooge 392 or willing to part with theirs? Email me on my email address on the home page!

28th September 2010 - Due to the success of the recent Boom Kids comic series story arc of Uncle Scrooge featuring characters from DuckTales, Boom have decided to release another four story arc titled 'Messes Become Successes' Released 27th October, Scrooge, Launchpad and the gang will have to triumph over the evil Magica de Spell thois time around. Look out for Uncle Scrooge 396 in your local comic store or check out this online comic store to buy online.

22nd September 2010 - Added a NES Games page, which details the the two DuckTales games that were released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. Also added a Comics section to the DVD and Video Page.

20th September 2010 -  Check out a new Gizmoduck website, Duckburg's Defender is a site dedicated to all things Gizmoduck, including detailed information on the episodes Gizmo appeared in, information on the character and a forum to discuss Gizmo and other related topics.

On that note and Links page has been updated.

10th September 2010 - WOW, its almost been a year since my last update (sorry) Some news that has slipped past me is the June 2010 comic release of Uncle Scrooge No#392 starts off a 4 story arc featuring DuckTales and Gizoduck!!! Check out your local comic store for the recent releases, in the meantime check out this link for more info.

Also Mikes House of Cartoons recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary!!!

14th September 2009 - Cleaned up the DuckTales Episodes page.

10th Febuary 2009 - Links page updated. Be one of the first two check out Han's GizmoDuck Fan Page, Nice page containing GizmoDuck Info. NOTE: Currently offline

One a side note, still no word on DuckTales Volume Four

25th November 2008 - Your mum ever tell you growing up, No news is good news?....Well not in this case, With no news to report on DuckTales: Volume Four, one can only assume Disney have stopped the yearly release of DuckTales onto DVD. Details in the past three years have all come around August/October time and we've had no word on a forth release of the series. So it looks like we may never have the complete collection of DuckTales on DVD. But lets keep our fingers crossed it will still happen yet. 

11th August 2007 -  DuckTales Volume Three has officially been announced for the 13 November 2007 release date.  The 3-disc set contains the remaining episodes of Season One and the two, five parters, Time Is Money and Super DuckTales. 24 episodes in total. Check back for more information soon

27th July 2007 - The Downloads page is now the Multimedia page, where you can stream DuckTales videos from YouTube

10th May 2007 - You may like to know there is a Russian DuckTales site online. Some of you may have already come across this wonderful site, but for those of you who haven't its definitely worth a look, so check it out here

4th May 2007 - No new news to report, but expect Disney to make an annonucement regarding DuckTales Volume Three DVD around August time detailing hopefully a October/November release date

17th December 2006 - DuckTales UK fans rejoice, after the popularity of Volume One and Two in the states, the first DVD of the series is set for release in the UK. Not much informtaion has been announced, altough have listed the release for the 12th of Febuary. You can preorder the DVD at

5th November 2006 - So, DuckTales Volume Two is released in a couple of weeks, I'll be getting my copy a week later, through the post. So let me know what you think when you get it! 

29th August 2006 - Pre-order DuckTales Volume Two at now click here

22nd August 2006 -  Disney have announced more details of Volume Two, Disc One includes, Treasure of The Golden Suns (Split into 5 parts), Back to the Klondike, Horse Scents and Scrooge's Pet. Disc Two includes The Firefly Fruit Contest episode (1-4), Merit-Time Adventure, The Golden Fleecing, Ducks of the West and The Time Teasers. Disc three finished the set with Back Out in the Outback, Raiders of the Lost Harp, The Right Duck, Scroogerello, Double-O-Duck, Luck o' the Ducks, Duckworths Revolt and the 2 story episode Magica's Magic Mirror and Take Me Out of the Ballgame.

12th August 2006 - Disney have finally announced details of Volume Two, and have included Golden Suns, feature length series opener on the DVD and another 19 episodes, which include episodes 29-47 in the series. Volume Two, as rumored will be released acroos North America of the 14th of November 2006.

The Inclusion of the 2 hour Feature lengh film is certainly a surprise, considering they left it out of Volume One, but it's certainly appear in Volume Two. As of right now we do not know if it will appear in its full unedited 2 hour state, or the edited five parts that were aired on TV after the first run of Season One.

Check out the DVD page for more information and box art, also check out TVShowsOnDVD for more news and exclusive pictures of the latest box set. 

30th July 2006 -  TVShows on DVD are speculating a November 14th release for Volume Two of DuckTales, along with the Rescue Rangers, Volume Two, and the first release of Gummi Bears. Read here

18th July 2006 - DuckTales back on TV for the Summer! If your in the UK that is, tune into Disney Cinemagic to catch DuckTales weekdays at 4:15pm, and on Thursday 27th July for a morning of DuckTales from 10:30am till 1:00pm.

 12th July 2006 - Still no news on the second volume of DuckTales on DVD. However go over to to order you copy of the Greatest DuckTales Stories Volume One, and to pre-order Volume Two, coming soon.

26 April 2006 - report that DuckTales Volume Two will be released in November, click here to read. This is however possible only a educated guess as the first volume was released last november, and Disney tend to release their DVDs annually

28th March 2006 - 15 years ago, DuckTales Pilot 'Treasure of the Golden Suns' was released onto Laser Disc in Japan, not everyone believed this, but with the help of someone over a the DuckTales forum, here is proof

26th March 2006 - Following the launch of Disney's brand new channel Disney Cinemagic in the UK, Disney have decided to cease broadcasting Toon Disney. This is a great loss and of course means DuckTales will now surely never make it back on our screens

6th February 2006 - Calisota Online have posted a very detailed version of the McDuck family tree. I strongly urged you to check this out, it is superb

25 December 2005 - Big news for all you DuckTales fans out there! Gemstone Publishing, who recently released the entire collection of Uncle Scrooge onto one Hardback book are doing the same with the DuckTales Comics, in two Volumes. This is big news for all you Disney Comic fans and DuckTales fanatics like myself. Amazon of course are selling them, so for more details or to pre-order yours now visit or

24th December 2005 - I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

29th November 2005 - Fancy coloring in your fave DuckTales characters? Well you can, online. At this Web Site

28th November 2005 - So, after the release of DuckTales: Volume One were all wondering when will Volume Two be released. Well who knows? But if Disney's Gargoyles DVD's are anything to go by, Gargoyles Volume One was released Oct 2004 and Volume two is scheduled for December 2005. 15 months after the first release. Long time eh? Correct, but lets hope that Disney release it by next summer.

14th November 2005 - Here a few reviews of Volume One you might find interesting... - User Comments



8th November 2005 - DuckTales Volume One is released across the United States today, many of you have already recieved your copies through the post and thank you for your feedback. Mine is still in the post, eargerly awaiting its travel over the Atlantic Ocean to the UK. So if you got your copy sit back and remember the good times or if your still waiting, here is a taster of whats install for you DuckTales Fan out there Ultimate's Review

6th November 2005 - For all you Americans who are still waitign of Treasure of the Lost Lamp on DVD, your luck my have just changed. have reported that members of the Disney Movie Club are being offered Treasure of the Lost Lamp on DVD, as part of there membership. Check out the rest of the story here

4th November 2005 - Ultimate have posted pics of the disc menus for Volume One. Click here They look fab! Only 4 days now to the release date!

3rd November 2005 - have posted the art for the back of the box. Click here to view the box

1st November 2005 - You can now preorder DuckTales Volume One from the Offical Disney Online Store

27th October 2005 - Disney have confirmed the contents of the Volume One Box Set, click here to read the article

26th October 2005 - Check out the DVD page to view the art for the disc covers for Volume One. You may be suprised

20th October 2005 - Noticed any thing new? Well you should. I've finally added a DVD page, so check that out for more details on Volume One DVD. Also be sure to check out the How It Began page, which details in the birth of DuckTales and other interesting facts

16th October 2005 - Disney have finally release the inner disc case art

30th September 2005 - Disney have revealed details of the contents of the Volume One Box Set...

Disc 1:

Send in the Clones
Sphinx for the Memories
Where No Duck Has Gone Before
Robot Robbers
Magica's Shadow War
Master of the Dijinni
Hotel Strangeduck
The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan

Disc 2:

Duckman of Aquatraz
The Money Vanishes
Sir Gyro de Gearloose
Dinosaur Ducks
Hero for Hire
Maid of the Myth
Down and Out in Duckburg

Disc 3:

Much Ado about Scrooge
Top Duck
The Pearl of Wisdom
The Curse of Castle McDuck
Launchpad's Civil war
Sweet Duck of Youth
Home Sweet Homer
Bermuda Triangle Tangle
Microducks from Outer Space

Still not official but several people have emailed Buena Vista and have been told this is the contents. So no Treasure of the Golden Suns I hear you say! Well unfortunatly not, at least yet. Its very strange why Disney would leave out the pilot, I cannot understand it. Hopefully we will get it eventually though

16th September 2005 - Disney have released the cover art for DuckTales Volume One. Check here to view the cover art

11th September 2005 - Still no news on the details of the first volume of Duck Tales. There is a rumor that the discs will contain the first 25 episodes after the pilot, but I can't see Disney not including the feature length Pilot episode. But check back for details soon!

Also no news on a Region 2 or region 4 release. So all you British fans (including me!) stay tuned

18th August 2005 - Preorder DuckTales Volume One at, Its a superb price so don't miss out

12th August 2005 - Well its official Disney have announced that DuckTales and Chip 'n' Dales Rescue Rangers are to released on DVD for sale on 8th November 2005. Details are slim currently but I can tell you that Disney are to release DuckTales it volumes much like Warner Bros have with there DVD's. Each volume will consist to 3 discs (around 22 episodes per disc) So I am guessing that there will be 4 or 5 volumes. DVD aspect ratio: 1.33:1 formatted 4x3, DVD Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound and DVD Language: English audio. I have also read that the DVD's will be multi-format so UK fans can order the DVDs online along with US and Canadian citizins for around .99. Stand by for more info....

12th August 2005 - BREAKING NEWS - DuckTales set for a DVD release Check here

17th July 2005 - Mikes House of this week celebrates its fifth birthday, "The website started as a School project and went on from there" said Mike, the owner of Mikes House of Cartoons. Originally the site included pictures of DuckTales, Chip 'n' Dale and The Simpsons, but nowadays it dedicated to DuckTales

also in news... Download the Dutch DuckTales theme Here

19th June 2005 - Added a 'Trivia' page to the Site. Which basically is a list of episode facts and references to Films and other TV Shows

7th June 2005 - Some of you may already be aware that TV Tome has been bought by and the site has been redesigned and looks fab, you can visit the new site at

Check out the DuckTales page at, it looks great and please do register with the site and get posting on the DuckTales forums

Just to add there is still no news on the region one release of Treasure of the Lost Lamp on DVD

7th June 2005 - Hidden has a list of Hidden Mickeys that appear in Disney cartoons and TV shows, Interested read. Have you notice any Mickeys in DuckTales? If so email Hidden or find out where Mickey appears in DuckTales!

4th June 2005 - Terry The Official site of Terence McGovern who provided the voice of Launchpad McQuack, has some interesting downloads. You can download a small catalog of some of the voice characters Terry has voiced, including Launchpad. You can directly download the file here

3rd June 2005 - Check out the Downloads Page, where you will find DuckTales Video Files, you won't find these anywhere else!

3rd June 2005 - Many of you may be members of TV Tome, but if not sign up and check out the DuckTales Pages, and check out the DuckTales Forum and discuss DuckTales (as its very quiet at the moment!)

19th May 2005 - Here is an interesting article about Cartoons Box Office Movies, the article from Animation World Magazine March 2001 mentions DuckTales: The Movie, heres a snippet When producing DuckTales: The Movie, the Disney crew was given such a limited time to create the film that it was not possible to incorporate any songs. "So we had to make a lot more plot than we would have liked. It turned out kind of frenetic. I think it worked better on TV because of the commercials. They broke up the plot so it wasn't one long chase, which is really what the movie was." Click here to read the article

19th May 2005 - Any Launchpad fans out there? Well this is a page for you. Here is a link to The Launchpad McQuack FAQ

18th May 2005 - Check out the Disney DVD Page, where you can buy DuckTales Treasure of the Lost Lamp now for only 7.99 on DVD 5.99 on Video, Click here to buy the Movie

18th May 2005 - Here is a site where all you Disney fans can help save DuckTales from disappearing from the face of this earth Save Disney
03/05/05 - For those who check out the DuckTales page @ (which I edit), the site will shortly be changing to, hosted by CNet, who also host, and

02/05/05 - DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp to be aired on Wednesday May 18th (8:00pm, ET/PT) on the Disney Channel

and repeated...

Thursday May 26th (5:10pm, ET/PT) on Toon Disney

12/04/05 - Gemstone Publishings Uncle Scrooge comics are set to published around June 22nd.

17/02/05 - Thought I'd repost a link to DuckTales: Quest for Gold, so give it a quick go if your bored :-)

16/02/05 - Gemstone Publishing have bought the rights to the Uncle Scrooge Comics of old from Don Rosa, Don Rosa created this twelve-part story to delineate exactly how Scrooge McDuck acquired his fortune and became the World's Richest Duck. The story was originally serialized in the United States in Uncle Scrooge comics. They are re-releasing the whole 12-part story in one all-encompassing popularly-priced volume Click Here to buy from Amazon.

16/02/05 - New Site Design, plus I've redone a few pages that were looking bad, also I have added a Sounds and Movie Clips page, which I will hopefully be adding links to sounds and movie clips.

06/02/05 - Still no news on Treasure of the Lost Lamps Region 1 release

05/02/05 - I have unfortunatly had to take my Guestbook off-line after missuse

26/01/05 - Disney's first venture into DVD box sets of television animation is now available, for any one who is interested the first season of Gargoyles has been released (Why Gargoyles I'd like to know?) check out Amazon to buy online. Hopefully this will be the first of many Walt Disney titles to be released. Disney have recently been adding many more releases to the adding collection of their Walt Disney Treasures Series, This month Region One titles include Chip 'n' Dale's Classic Cartoons, along with Mickey Mouse DVD, a first Goofy DVD and many more, Region Two releases should hopefully follow on after a couple of months

25/01/05 - Un-related DuckTales or Chip 'n' Dale News, but I thought you might like to check out this Gummi Bears Web Site, the artwork and general presentation of the site are excellent, and there is lots of material to look at. Check it out here


25/01/05 - Bit of late news to report really, but better late than never, Chip 'n' Dale's Classic Cartoons are getting a release onto DVD, Volume 1 and 2 have already been released in North America on Region One, and if you libe in the UK you can grap yours from your local DVD retailer on Marth 14th 2005.


01/01/05 - Hope every one had a smashing Christmas and a great New Year, the following year has flown by for me, and it's hard to believe it 2005 already!


24/11/04 - I have just started to re-do my Rescue Rangers content on my site, In doing this I have decided to start up a new site, here is the link Chip 'n' Dales Rescue Rangers Site Be sure to check my latest mini project out, and also if anyone would like to contribute any material in terms of text or something, please send me a email, I'm currently looking for someone to contribute new material for Mikes House of Cartoons

23/11/04 - Happy Birthday to Alan Young, who celebrated his 85th birthday on the Friday 19th November 2004, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan for all his work with Disney and providing the voice for the greatest cartoon character of all time - Scrooge McDuck.


Also Alan has just been cast in a short role in an upcoming film called Em & Me. Little is known about the film and this stage, but check back for more details.


14/11/04 - Disney's latest Mickey Mouse release titled "Mickey's Twice opon Christmas", Features five new stories, including old favourites Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, You can grab you DVD/VHS copy when it Hits stores in Europe Tomorrow and North America Tuesday.


05/10/04 - The Search for Mickey Mouse, is the Latest of the Mickey Mouse Movie to be produced by Disney. Mickey Mouse gets "mouse-knapped" so Minnie hires the greatest detective alive, Basil of Baker Street, to help find Mickey. The Movie also features over faviourates including Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, Donald and some old faviourates Robin Hood and Aladdin. The voice talents from DuckTales and Chip 'n' Dale, Tress MacNeille, Russi Taylor, Tony Anselmo and Jim Cummings provide audio for the "now common" Disney characters


26/09/04 - Updated the DuckTales Episode Guide, so it is now half-finished, also another thing to add..... I have been watching Chip 'n' Dale, daily on Playhouse Disney UK, where the Rescue Rangers are shown daily from 3:20pm, they have shown eighteen straight episodes in neither production order or the original order they were previously aired. So basically in a random order. After they had shown eighteen they have started to repeat them, which i find quite strange. They are also viewing Gummi Bears daily which they are viewing in the correct production order.


14/09/04 - Check out these 3 new DuckTales fan novels on, Taste of his Own Medicine, The Blessed Event and Money Can't Buy Love.
Also check out 2 new Chip and Dale Fan novels I Only Have Eyes For You and finally Gadget Camera

01/09/04 - UK Cable/Satalite Channel Playhouse Disney will be showing Chip 'n' Dales Rescue Rangers and Gummi Bears every day at 3:00pm and 7:00pm


26/07/04 - DuckTales: The Movie has finally been released in the UK, check out my DuckTales on DVD site for info on the Disc

15/07/04 - The fourthcoming DVD release of Treasure of the Lost Lamp, will come with a extra, Scrooge McDuck's Treasure Game will be included on the UK discs. You begin your adventure in one room of the McDuck mansion. You must find evidence that Dijon has been here, namely a gold coin (several clickable areas in each room). If you find the coin, you get to move on to another room to search for Dijon. But remember - Merlock has cast a spell on the entire estate. The mansion lay-out has been completely flipped around. You must choose between two paths. One path will lead you safely into another room. The other is a trap and it might take you back to a room you have already searched.

05/07/04 - Are you a Chip 'n' Dale fan? and your fed up of hearing about DuckTales on DVD? well here is your chance to help get Chip 'n' Dale on DVD! check out Rescue Rangers on DVD

05/07/04 - Another Rescue Rangers Site, this one is a fan site where you can download a game called Rescue Rangers Adventure, which is a fan game being produced, so check the site where you can download a the semi-produced game, see screenshoots and all sorts

05/07/04 - Go over to where you can check out the offical page for DuckTales: The Movie on DVD

04/07/04 - Mikes House of Cartoons celebrates its fourth birthday this month, In that time the site has under-gone two image changes, and a few pages have been added, and of course my other two DuckTales sites, have been developed in the past three months, DuckTales: On DVD and The A-Z of DuckTales, which is proving to be popular. So thanks to all of you who reguarly check here from time to time

21/06/04 - I am now the new editor of the DuckTales guide at TV Tome

16/06/04 - have conducted a pole on there home page, titled "80's poll #2, What title should studios look into next?" - DuckTales is in the poll, and currently stands third out of five, so get voting guys!

16/06/04 - Donald Duck last week celebrated his 70th Birthday!!

18/05/04 - If your an Aussie and you live in the land down under, you can grab your copy of DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp on DVD on the 7th of July, a few weeks befores it UK release

15/05/04 Visit my new DuckTales page, it features all upcoming information for the fourth coming DVD, Click here to visit the page

03/05/02 - For those of you for some strange reason missed the big news on the home page, here it is again... Disney's DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp is set for the 26th of July in the UK!!!

07/02/04 -Check out a NEW Duck Tales site from my good friend Patrik Malmgren, its called Duck Tales: The Movie Web Site, also here is proof that Duck Tales: The Movie Treasure of the Lost Lamp has been released in various european countries, heres a Swedish DVD site selling the newly release Disney DVD

03/02/04 - Parts of Europe, namely Finland, Sweden and Norway, got Treasure of the Lost Lamp on DVD at the end of Janaury, UK date still June :-(

21/01/04 - Updated the Links page adding 8 more sites

06/01/04 - I've noticed that 3 German DVD sites have Duck Tales the Movie on DVD as a forthcoming release and list Treasure of the Lost Lamp to be released in the middle of June 2004

24/12/03 - Updated the DuckTales on Video Page

05/12/03 - It now looks very good for all you Duck Tales fans awating the release of the movie Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, a small number of DVD sites have now listed Duck Tales the movie as an upcoming release, including DVD Animated Bliss. Click here it lists details of the DVD and leaves the release date at 2004, so for the time being its not for definant, but its looking likely

05/12/03 - Someone on is auctioning their Duck Tales collection recorded on dvd. The collection apparently includes all 100 epsiodes plus the movie! Click here to open the page, the auction ends in the next 24 hours

07/03/03 - Another Rescue Rangers Fan Novel this time by RedSwift called "All Smiles in the Darkness". Click here to open the fan novel

03/03/03 - Added Links to Episode Clips from Duck Tales, Check out the Movie Clips page for those

04/10/02 - Disney is set to release DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp on DVD in 2003 sumtime, hopefully if sells are good the episodes may be release on DVD as a Box Set as well - fingers crossed ;)

30/08/02 - Alan Young (voice of Scrooge McDuck has landed a small role in the upcoming movie Time Machine. Alan will play a flower store worker in the film

15/07/02 - Updated page adding both Duck Tales and Chip 'n' Dales Rescue Rangers intro movies and added two NEW pages Movies and Duck Tales Theme Song, all four can be accessed on the Home Page

06/07/02 - Check out yet another Fan Novel this time by Lucky Lady 66 called "Run for your Life". Click here to open the fan novel

04/07/02 - Here is a article taken from, it mentions the chances of Duck Tales going on DVD for general purchase, here is some of the article....

As always, I like to end my editorials with my thoughts on the question that everyone is asking, will we ever see this on DVD? While there are no plans right now for DuckTales on DVD, that doesnt mean we will never see them. Maybe it hasnt been mentioned to the right people or maybe they are unaware that the demand is there. In my opinion, I believe is a greater chance of seeing the movie than the actual shows. Why? Treasures of the Lost Lamp was actually released on Laser Disc back in 1991. Our belief, here at DVDtoons, is, why not release the movie(s) first on DVD? If they do well, then release the episodes. What better and safer way is there to test the market? Not just fo r Ducktales but also for the many cartoons that were lucky enough to have a movie. Just take a look at what Rhino did or is doing. After releasing Transformers: The Movie and G.I. Joe: The Movie and seeing how well they sold, they are now starting to release full episodes. Something is better than nothing, so why not release the movie and let us show you that the demand is out there. This is the whole purpose of this site, to promote your products, remind you of these gems, and to show you that there are thousands of cartoon fans that want these titles on DVD.

04/07/02 - Check out a recent Fan Fiction story taken from Fan called the Secret of the Black Pyramid by Engineer Jess. Click here to open the Story.

03/07/02 - Updated the Links Page, adding lots more site, worth a look for some new Duck Tales and CDRR Site

27/06/02 - Hey, back again, I Have just had my site listed in Yahoo! which is good, you can can search for the URL under animation and then either Duck Tales or Chip 'n' Dales Rescue Rangers

14/06/02 - Sorry for the lack of updates lately but been really been busy with work and everything, but i promise more very soon

30/04/02 - Updates including DuckTales Characters Page and DuckTales on Video

25/04/02 - Updated Cast and Crew Page. Added info for the cast of DuckTales including past projects worked on and birth details

16/04/02 - Added more titles in the DuckTales and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers on VHS pages

26/03/02 - I've just added two new pages, as well as my new Latest News Page, I've have added "DuckTales on VHS" and "Rescue Rangers on VHS, which are pages with infomation on the VHS released for the two Disney Shows


Not Much New Here, but iv'e polished up the Site, changing Out of Date News etc

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and and a Happy New Year

Old News......

16/12/01 - Updated Disney Links Page, adding three new sites!!!

12/12/01 - Added new Page, Cast and Credits, and also changed pictures on Home Page

06/12/01 - Yesterday the fonder of Disney, Walt Disney celebrated his 100th Birthday, although unfortunatly not alive today, his legend lives on!

25/11/01 - Updated Links Page, adding tuns of Ducktales Links including two new sites just created on the web, check the links page for those :)